Social Phobia / Anxiety

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    So what is social phobia / anxiety?

    Most people get a little self-conscious from time to time or feel shy around others, but social phobia, or social anxiety feels significantly worse. People who suffer from a social phobia suffer from more than just shyness, often they experience panic and terror. Just thinking about mingling with others can cause a shaky voice, rapid breathing, sweating, blushing, an upset stomach, a pounding heart etc.

    Crippling self-consciousness, nervousness, or not knowing what to say all add to the awful feeling of panic. Constant worry about what you look like, what you sound like, feeling every eye on you judging you harshly can be overwhelming. If you feel like that no wonder it feels easier to avoid other people and social gatherings all together. Social phobia spoils life, getting in the way of what should be fun opportunities to mingle and connect with others.

    Counselling can help overcome social phobias through understanding and overcoming your anxiety through different exercises. Once you address your fears and become more socially confident, you open the door to so many new opportunities such as jobs, relationships, and a lot more fun.

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