Some testimonials from Sentient Counsellings clients:

    “Thank you for the kindness and attention you’ve shown me over the last while. I felt safe to talk openly about my pain and my fears without shame. Discussing them in a safe place has helped me put things into perspective and move forward in a more confident way. I would highly recommend you to anyone Darren.”

    A from Belfast

    “It was a difficult decision to talk to someone about things I’d hidden for so long but Darren was always supportive and insightful throughout the sessions. The past hasn’t went away and sometimes I might feel afraid but it doesn’t control me anymore. Thank you Darren”

    L from Ballymena

    “I was in a very dark place but you helped me see the bigger picture. I’m grateful for the way you helped me see i have more autonomy and control over my life than I realised. I would highly recommend anyone contact you for counselling you have a very calming and relaxing manner which set me at ease and allowed me to explore what I really wanted rather than what I was afraid of. Thank you Darren.”

    P from Belfast

    “Thanks for all your help I appreciate your patience in helping me through a very difficult period in my life.”

    D from Dungannon

    “Darren was able to help me understand the reasons behind my constant fears and anxiety. I never once felt judged or criticised when exploring my worries and he helped me see and deal with things in a more confident manner. Although at first I felt sure I couldn’t be helped now I would urge others to seek help if they need it”

    P from Bangor

    “Thank you for all your help. I feel like you really listened to me and you have helped me manage my inner struggles in a healthier way”

    J from Belfast

    “Thank you for the help and support you’ve given me. I feel able to start afresh and move forward positively”

    R from Belfast

    “I know I may still have a way to go but that’s okay. I feel I understand myself better than I did two short months ago and feel more able to challenge my fears and unhelpful thoughts rather than run from them. Thank you for your attentiveness and gentle way of helping me explore what had been holding me back all these years.”

    F from Dungannon

    “I thought counselling would be difficult and intrusive. I felt ashamed and worried about what you would think of me when I opened up but you were always attentive and I never felt judged once. Thank you Darren for helping me to accept myself as I am and not what i think others expect of me. I feel I can now let go of that shame and move forward in a more positive way.”

    L from Belfast

    “I was at a point where I didn’t have enough self belief to move forward and engage with life. Darren was patient, easy to talk to and helped me start doing the thinGs I had been afraid to do”

    R from Lisburn