Some testimonials from Sentient Counsellings clients:

    “Thank you for the help and support you’ve given me. I feel able to start afresh and move forward positively”

    R from Belfast

    “I know I may still have a way to go but that’s okay. I feel I understand myself better than I did two short months ago and feel more able to challenge my fears and unhelpful thoughts rather than run from them. Thank you for your attentiveness and gentle way of helping me explore what had been holding me back all these years.”

    F from Dungannon

    “I thought counselling would be difficult and intrusive. I felt ashamed and worried about what you would think of me when I opened up but you were always attentive and I never felt judged once. Thank you Darren for helping me to accept myself as I am and not what i think others expect of me. I feel I can now let go of that shame and move forward in a more positive way.”

    L from Belfast

    “I was at a point where I didn’t have enough self belief to move forward and engage with life. Darren was patient, easy to talk to and helped me start doing the thinGs I had been afraid to do”

    R from Lisburn

    “You have helped me understand the feelings of guilt and fear I’ve developed as a result of certain experiences in my past. Not only that but you have helped me let go of those difficult feelings and move forward in a more healthy and positive way. Thank you”

    J from Newtownabbey

    “When I came to you I was at one of the lowest points of my life and almost totally disillusioned about making any progress through counselling. As our sessions went you helped me challenge the beliefs that had ruined my life, allowing me to express myself and grow in a safe environment. With your help I now feel hope that I can make something of my life and find happiness.I will not forget your compassion, empathy and willingness to push me when I struggled to do it myself. Thank you.”

    A from Coleraine

    “I sought Darren’s help when I was going through a turbulent time in my life and had reached the point where I needed help to discover why things weren’t working out for me. Darren guided me through a journey of self exploration and helped me gain an awareness of myself and my life situation that I had been seeking all my adult life. He gave me the tools to move forward and start enjoying life again and to hopefully improve on future relationships. Darren is an empathetic, emotionally intelligent person who lends a non-judgmental ear, he gently steered me through deep seated, highly sensitive, negative and emotionally charged feelings which had been buried deep within my psyche. I cannot thank Darren enough for his help. It really has changed my life. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for help.”

    P from Lisburn

    “I attended counselling with Darren over a period of six weeks. I found it helpful to have an outlet in order to examine my thoughts and feelings in relation to personal issues. Darren helped me gain clarity in myself in relation to the problems I was going through, which enabled me to identify positive actions and a healthy way forward. I would recommend Darren if you are having difficulties, as he is a down to earth and knowledgeable therapist.”

    M from Belfast

    “Counselling has helped me make sense of how I relate to the world around me and understand what has been a recurring habit of self defeating behaviours. I feel more self aware and able to make healthier lifestyle choices.”

    B from Omagh

    “I have always been introspective and self help minded, but I reached a point in my life where I was riddled with confusion about how to proceed in my life and relationships. I was unsure if therapy would help me, but figured I might as well give it a try. I’m so glad I did because talking with Darren helped lift a cloud that was hanging over me for a very long time. He was very reassuring and validated everything I was feeling, while at the same time giving me tools to help me look at my difficulties in a more productive and positive light. Since going to see him I have felt more confident and competent to face the difficulties in my life whether it’s my relationships, work, health or just finding and using my voice. I only saw him for six sessions , but the confidence I gained from those sessions has stayed with me months later, and I am able to participate in my life in a much healthier and whole way. It is difficult to put into words the exactly the changes I’ve experienced, but I am often reminded of the anxiety and depression that used to riddle my life that I no longer feel does. So thank you Darren for your insight and support. I am ever so grateful and mention my therapeutic experience often.”

    B from Belfast