Some testimonials from Sentient Counsellings clients:

    “Darren has challenged me to think about and understand my addiction as well as giving me the tools to help me deal with the urge I feel to gamble. The sessions I had with Darren helped me to confront my problems and understand the reasons behind why I developed a gambling addiction. The techniques that I have learnt have enabled me to cope when I feel compelled to place a bet. Trying to deal with my gambling addiction has been an extremely challenging process but Darren has helped me to get back to doing the things I enjoy in life.”

    M from North Down

    “Thank you Darren for giving me the space to just be, and explore my concerns in my own time, without judgment or pressure. Although I found the sessions difficult and some of what I wanted to discuss uncomfortable (for me) I valued the respectful and calm environment you created which allowed me to open up. I learnt a lot about myself, and continue to challenge my negative thinking when I feel the thoughts creeping back into my mind, little things you said, have stuck with me, creating a positive change in my thinking. To anyone who is considering counseling…. just make the call, you will not regret it.”

    G from Belfast

    “Thank you Darren for all the help and support I received recently. I can hardly recognise the depressed, lethargic person writing in my journal in the early days from the restored, motivated self I have become after receiving counselling support. Indeed I would say I have regained an almost youthful enthusiasm for life which had been missing for some time.  Even at the initial appointment I was able to relax for the first time in ages and found I could easily talk about the worries I had and the blockages they were creating in my life and relationships. Darren’s calm empathy and insightful questions, suggestions and instructions gave me a space to honestly accept myself and then move forward with excellent new tools for thinking and acting that changed my whole approach to living. As well as being listened to properly, probably for the first time ever (and that alone brings great relief and a feeling of being sustained) I can honestly say I have also learned lessons and techniques that will be with me for life and I feel as if I will not look back – once you learn and practice them, the tools and the insights are always there for you. Thank you Darren and very best wishes,”

    R from Belfast

    I found counselling helped me to understand my difficulties, then with my counsellors help was able to develop better ways of managing. Thank you Darren

    A from Belfast

    ‘Darren helped me explore why I felt as low as I did and helped me develop better coping strategies for difficult situations. He was attentive and focused on me throughout the sessions.’


    M from Portadown

    ‘Counselling has helped me learn how to challenge my negative thinking, reframe situations and let go of things I can’t control.’

    J from Belfast

    Sentient Counselling has helped me to see the light at the end of a tunnel when Ii thought there was almost none. Talking my concerns and problems through with a professional counselor has made a great difference to my life in a matter of weeks, I have found a new way forward’

    S from Lisburn