What happens in counselling?

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    So what happens in counselling? Feelings, thoughts and behaviours underpin our relationships and it’s helpful to examine where they came from.

    After the initial stage of telling your story and explaining your difficulties you and your counsellor can begin to unpick what underlies your feelings,  the thoughts behind them and the behaviours that both trigger bad sensations and the way you behave around others.

    Just talking through your issues with another person can create a great deal of comfort and provide a feeling of release. The example I often use is the monster under the bed. The monster under the bed is terrifying until we begin to talk about it. After a while it stops being so scary.

    The counselling process is always yours. It’s always about what you want to explore or address. The therapist is there to help facilitate this exploration and change.

    Following this you can begin to challenge long held self defeating beliefs and explore new ways of coping through practical exercises and taking small steps towards a better future.

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