Right time for couple counselling?

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    When is the right time for couple counselling? Knowing when is the right time to go to counselling is one thing, knowing when as a couple can be difficult to gauge. Here are some pointers as to what may be going on in the relationship which may help you decide if now is a good time.

    1. Arguments are never resolved, you go through the same ones over and over again causing pain and anger

    2. Separating seems like the only option

    3. There has been some betrayal of trust, either an affair, debt or some other secret

    4. Sex has lost it’s appeal, it seems more like a chore

    Being able to manage conflict is important in any relationship. It is unrealistic to believe arguments can be avoided. That doesn’t mean that the arguments have to be destructive. It  may mean developing new coping skills and ways of communicating with each other.

    Differences don’t have to be bad things, but they do need to be acknowledged in each other. Counselling can help understanding conflict we may have inherited from our upbringing and offer new skills.

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