Accepting change

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    Accepting change can be difficult at times, particularly if it’s change for the worst, for example change involving loss such as bereavement or redundancy. It can maybe feel like failing at something like a job, a relationship etc. Accepting something different means having to accept you’re not the person you used to be. You’re no longer attracted or interested in the same things or people you once were. You’re no longer driven by the same goals and standards. But that’s okay because everything and everyone changes. There’s no need to blame yourself or others if things aren’t the way they once were. Sometimes we have to accept others aren’t the same and have changed also. As hard as it may seem it’s okay to start over.

    Fashions change, situations change, societies change, circumstances change and people change as do passions, values and beliefs. Many years ago I read an article in a newspaper by a politician who claimed that if societies don’t change they become stagnant and die. I believe there is some truth in that.

    When we accept that change is inevitable and that it’s not always for the worst we can begin to embrace the new challenges and the variety it brings. We can see change as growth. When we do this you’ll be surprised how fast things will fall into place again.


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