CBT in Belfast

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    What is CBT?

    Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, otherwise known as CBT, is a form of counselling. It is an evidence based approach to helping emotional and physical health conditions. It’s an approach that looks at not only what we think, how we think, and how that affects how we act, and how that affects how we feel. Through various exercises the therapist and client work collaboratively to change behaviours, thinking habits or indeed both to help alleviate or better manage emotional distress.

    The question I like to ask to help generate options is, ‘Can you change how you feel about it? If not then can you change how you think about it? If not then can you change how you behave towards it?’

    Evidence Based

    Research reviewed by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has shown how CBT is effective for treating anxiety and depression. They also recommend CBT for help with panic attacks, PTSD, bipolar disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). It can also help with chronic fatigue and pain, sleep difficulties and anger management.

    Rather than addressing difficulties in the past CBT focuses on how people act, feel and think now. Rather than the therapist tell the client what to do to fix their problems, the client and therapist explore current difficulties, then set and prioritise goals to work on to help manage difficulties better and improve situations. It isn’t a quick fix as has been suggested by critics. It involves hard work not only in the sessions but between the sessions as well. The techniques and skills developed can be continued to be used and further developed after the therapy sessions have ended.

    CBT can be delivered face to face, over the phone or over the internet via video calling programs. It can also be delivered to groups. There are also many self-help books available.

    CBT in Belfast

    I practice an integrative approach, drawing on different counselling and psychotherapy approaches that best suit the client, their experiences and their situations. CBT is just one of the approaches I provide for my clients. If you think you would benefit from CBT in Belfast or would like to learn more about it to see if it could help you then contact me at Sentient Counselling.

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