Internet Addiction

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    Counselling is a safe and confidential way of exploring addiction and the affect it is has on your life. A counsellor can help you make sense of your situation, identify your choices and offer support throughout the process of change.

    Escapism can draw people to the Internet. People wanting to relieve stress, pressure and anxiety and other life issues. The Internet can be seen as an outlet for these negative feelings providing temporary comfort, company and entertainment.

    Other factors which could contribute to a person developing an internet addiction include having another addiction, or be in recovery. For example a person with a sex or gambling addiction may turn to the easily accessible internet. Depression and anxiety can also lead a person to turning to the internet to avoid negative thoughts, feelings and fears. If a person finds themselves less active or mobile, through an accident or long term illness they may find themselves turning to the chat rooms, social media for social interaction due to feelings of isolation.

    Counselling can help you manage the addiction. Counselling sessions may involve exploring different ways of dealing with urges and triggers and exploring the origins of the problem and the underlying reason for your addiction.


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