Rewind Technique for PTSD

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    I have recently been trained in the rewind technique for working with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The Rewind technique is different from other techniques in that it no details have to be disclosed by the client to the therapist. Because it isn’t intrusive or voyeuristic there is less chance of the client being re-traumatized and less chance of creating false memories. It also reduces the chance of compassion fatigue in the therapist.

    The Rewind Technique offers a way of stopping intrusive thoughts by filing it away appropriately. Any future recall is voluntary rather than involuntary. It is not only good for detraumatising but is also good for phobias and is occasionally referred to as the Fast Phobia Cure.

    At the very heart of trauma is often a feeling of being powerless. That feeling of powerlessness can lead to people reliving the trauma over and over again through intrusive thoughts, flashbacks etc. It is as if the mind has unfinished business, trying to make sense of what happened but because it’s so uncomfortable to think about  and makes no sense to us it is difficult to process so keeps coming back over and over again.

    The Rewind Technique helps us make sense of what happened safely helping any future recall of the event voluntary rather than involuntary.

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